The mission of the Energy Modeling Group (EMG) is to develop reservoir modeling technology and simulation tools for research, teaching, and field applications in the areas of subsurface energy and natural resources, and environmental science and engineering.

Specific topics of interest of EMG:

  • Reservoir dynamics and simulation
  • Mathematical modeling of multi-scale flow and transport in geologic media
  • Coupled processes of multiphase fluid flow, multicomponent chemicals transport, CO2 flooding and geosequestration, and heat  transfer in EOR/IOR processes
  • Fractured reservoir characterization
  • Simulation of unconventional gas and oil reservoirs
  • Geothermal and enhanced geothermal reservoir characterization
  • Hydro-geomechanical coupling of fluid and heat flow and rock deformation
  • Qualitative and experimental investigation of hydraulic fracturing
  • Transient pressure and tracer testing and analysis
  • Suspension, multiphase flow, transport and reactions in porous media
  • Laboratory enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and fluid PVT studies
  • High-performance scientific computing
  • High-performance, large-scale reservoir simulations
  • Groundwater and subsurface contaminant transport modeling

MMRD CONSORTIUM (Under Development)

EMG is building a Consortium of MMRD (Multi-scale Modeling of Reservoir Dynamics). The purpose of the MMRD Consortium at the Colorado School of Mines is: (1) to improve fundamental understandings of porous media flow and transport, fluid flow dynamics, phase behavior, heat transfer, and geomechanics, to advance numerical reservoir simulation technologies; and (2) to develop advanced simulation tools for research, education, and field applications. MMRD will work on and find practical solutions to scientific issues and technical problems, related to modeling transport phenomena in porous and fractured media at various scales from nano-size pores to reservoirs, which cannot be solved using existing commercial reservoir simulators or mathematical modeling tools. We are looking for support, collaboration, and participation from domestic and international petroleum companies and other organizations.